for Personal Progress

Includes 43 Value Experiences, 22 Projects, and 7 Original Songs

Leaders, parents, and especially young women will love the wonderful hands-on ideas for the Personal Progress Program. This handy book contains suggestions for over 43 Value Experiences and 22 Value Projects, with a bonus of 7 new spiritual songs (one for each Value) written just for young women!

Especially helpful to Moms and Dads, this book brings lots of suggestions for family involvement, such as plans for family home evenings. There are many individual experiences and more than a dozen ideas for group young women activities. From a funny "Self-Esteem" skit, to "Art Smart!" to "Sew Cool Pajama Pants" (remember President Hinckley's suggestion that we learn to sew?), to the beautiful song for each of the 7 values, this book offers so many ideas to make Personal Progress truly personal! You get:

  • Individual experience and project ideas (do it on your own)
  • Family plans (who loves you more?)
  • Young Women activity suggestions (some things are better together!)
  • A beautiful song for each Value (music stays in your heart forever)

Perfect Projects for Personal Progress offers a wide variety of enjoyable suggestions to help young women advance through the Personal Progress Program, learning, having fun, and earning the Young Women Recognition award!


Also available in CD-ROM/Music CD

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