Jeanni was born playing the piano. She learned to play guitar in Paris France at age 20, singing on the streets for her rent. (She chose guitar because it's hard to carry a piano on the metro.) The 2nd of 7 children, Jeanni grew up in northern Utah. She started writing music at age 7 and wrote her first inspirational song at age 18. She has continued writing songs straight from her heart, inspired by pondering the scriptures, seeking for faith, and feeling the Lord's love.

Jeanni has 4 CDs published through Deseret Book: WE ARE DAUGHTERS, A WOMAN'S HEART, DAUGHTERS OF HEAVEN, and SHINE THE LIGHT. She just released her first Christmas CD A JINGLEBELLE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION. The Christmas CD includes a duet of two of her children singing that very first inspirational song!

Jeanni's music has touched the hearts of tens of thousands of listeners, and her songs have been translated into multiple languages. Jeanni was nominated for three Pearl Awards, including Inspirational Album of the Year. Many of her songs have also earned awards from the Church Music Committee. Her music has been performed at Women's Conference at BYU, and in the Assembly Hall at Temple Square.

Jeanni Gould has also written 3 best-selling Young Women Books and CDs, also published by Deseret Book, with creative events, activities, and songs for Christian youth. (Just so you know, Deseret Book is almost always sold out, but you can get everything right here at JeanniGould.com

Jeanni's motto: "It's amazing how much you can accomplish if you never sleep." In her 'spare' time, she likes to snowboard, hike, read all night, and plan trips off the beaten track. She is honored to be the mother of two brilliant beautiful and independent-minded children and continues to welcome teens and little ones into her home for dance/vocal/piano lessons and other adventures. Jeanni loves her wonderful husband who is the love of her life, loves to laugh, loves chocolate, and loves the Lord. Did we mention loves chocolate?