CD-ROM/Music CD includes everything from the YW idea book, PLUS musical performances of all 11 songs. Play on any CD player. Plus all posters and illustrations from the book can be printed in black & white or in full color—you choose.

*See Book for sneak peek inside!

Also Available - Midweek Treasures (Instrumental version)

All the beauty of the original, but without vocals. Perfect for reverent moments. Great for practice or performance.

1. Ask in Faith
2. Peace
3. The Journey
4. Of One Heart
5. In Quiet Faith
6. Words of the Prophets
7. Ruth's Love Story
8. Bread of life
9. There is a Light
10. I Hear a Knock
11. Stand as Witness

See also Midweek Treasures- Book

CD-ROM/Music CD~ $12.95 with FREE shipping

INSTRUMENTAL VERSION ~ $9.95 with FREE shipping











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