for New Beginnings & Young Women in Excellence

Fun, creative events to teach and inspire young women

Jeanni Gould and Rebekah Lowe, both award-winning musicians and veteran Young Women leaders, combine their talents and experience to share ten complete events for New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence presentations. Each event has absolutely everything you need to make it a resounding success, including:

  • Beautiful Posters
  • Invitations
  • Program Pages
  • Decoration Suggestions
  • Ice-Breaker Activities
  • Original Music
  • Supporting Scriptures
  • Talk Topics
  • Skits and Special Presentations
  • Refreshment Recipes
  • Special Mementos of the Evening
  • Planning Worksheet with Checklist—Makes it easy for Young Women to plan New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence events for Value Projects

Bonus: 35 Mutual Activities—Class, Combined YW, and Joint YW/YM.

Also available in CD-ROM/Music CD


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